After your treatment, we will send a complete report of your treatment to your dentist and we are happy to send it to you as well. You will also receive post-treatment instructions, which includes your endodontist’s emergency contact information. Occasionally, we request a follow-up examination to evaluate your healing is progressing. If this is needed, we will schedule this appointment when you check out from your treatment.

When endodontic treatment has been completed, the root canal system is permanently sealed. However, the outer surface is sealed with a temporary restoration. To protect your tooth against fracture and decay, your dentist must follow up with a core build-up and a permanent restoration, which is usually a crown.

Please call your referring dentist for an appointment to have the tooth permanently restored within a few weeks of your root canal treatment. 

We advise that you chew on the side of your mouth not affected by treatment until your dentist has placed a restoration. This protects your tooth from fracture and limits any immediate symptoms following your treatment.